The NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNRC) continued its efforts to protect the cultural and natural resources of the Brunswick Town/ Fort Anderson state historic site with implementation of Phase 2. Phase 2 involved installing an additional 240’ of Atlantic Reefmaker Ecosystem down river from Phase 1 installation.


Construction on Phase 2 began in June 2018, and the installation was completed in late July 2018. During implementation, the extra 4 ecodisks from the Phase 1 structure were moved and installed for the Phase 2 structure. The structure height for both phases was set to a height of 1 foot above ordinary high water.


The ecodisk trays at the lower end of Phase 2 structure were octagonal shaped to produce a leading edge surface to promote wave collisions and enhance energy dissipation. The alignment at the Phase 2 structure terminus involved constructing the structure to flare toward the shoreline to dissipate flanking wave energy from port bound vessels.